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I live in the uk,i had genital surgery in europe and it was very poor,i have had 7 kids and lost sensation plus elasticity from heavy babies.I really hated the appearance too.I decided to go to india to see Dr Pavan,he was absolutely wonderful with online messages and queries,really resting my mind at any worries i had.He is extremely professional and the prices are fabulous.During surgery he was very caring,just like a friend or relative would be.I had it done awake and was worried but i was helped to feel at ease.After surgery i felt a bit of pain but have healed excellent.I am extremely happy with the way it looks and so far feels,pls msg me for photos,it really is amazing difference.Dr Pavan keeps up with you after you leave,if you need to ask anything,he answers immediately.I would recommend him to anyone,i travelled to india alone,hes well worth the long flight.Dr Pavan really knows his stuff,ive seen alot of surgeons that do not have a clue what is needed but he really knew what i wanted.Id definitely return to see him,nicest Dr you could meet.


Dr Pavan Murdeshwar will forever be my hero! He has a special place, full of gratitude, in my heart! He transformed my body and my life!

Thank you, Dr. Pavan, for your compassion, self-sacrificing dedication, and commitment to me, as well as your exceptional skill and professionalism! You are truly a gifted artist. The outcome you have given me is amazing and life-changing! I thank you with all my heart!

I had gastric bypass surgery fourteen years ago. After losing more than 150 lbs I was left with a massive amount of loose hanging skin. It encroached into every aspect of my life and impeded so many of the activities I wanted to participate in.

After saving for many years, I began a year of extensive researching body lift procedures and surgeons. Financially, it became obvious that having as many surgeries as I needed would be cost prohibitive in the U.S. The thought of going outside the United States for medical care can be a scary thought for many people who believe that our Doctors and hospitals here are superior to the rest of the world. Having been a nurse for more than 20 years, I knew that some of our best Physicians had received their training outside the U.S. I was determined to find an outstanding, skilled, compassionate, and dedicated surgeon.

Over the course of 15 months, I sent out 140 letters to Surgeons all over the World. In many cases, I would hear from office personnel with a major focus on money. Despite asking to have contact with the surgeon, I did not hear back from most. Of those that I did, I could not reach a point of feeling relaxed and assured that this was the right Physician. Often, they communicated a lack of interest, confidence, caring or knowledge. They lacked a program or package that addressed the needs of a patient traveling from so far away. It was anxiety producing to hear, “Just come and we will figure out all those extra charges after we see how the surgery goes.” No-one ever asked me about my family, or anything about who I was as a person besides my body and skin.

I received a personal letter written by Dr Pavan, himself, within 48 hrs of sending a letter to him. In the letter I told him, as I had with every other letter I have ever sent, about my family and a bit about who I was and my life. Dr Pavan wrote several paragraphs conveying sincere and genuine compassion for the difficulty of losing my oldest son, as well as a true interest in my life and who I was.

He communicated a gentle, non-arrogant confidence. He said, “I would love to help you. My team and I know how to help you and we have a program that will include every need you may have.” We decided I should stay six weeks in India and undergo two surgeries while there. The first would include circumferential lower body lift, gynoplasty, and inner thigh lift. Three weeks later breast and arm lift. The consistent commitment to care for all my needs that Dr Pavan and his team communicated, gave me such a peaceful sense of assuredness that I could let go and place my life and needs into his capable hands. The sense of trust was overwhelming. In fact, so overwhelming that I decided to travel alone, allowing my sister to continue working for the 6 weeks I would be in India.

The team included a dedicated patient liaison who saw me every day to make certain that every need was being addressed. Nurses available that could stay with me at the hotel at any time during my recovery and a Surgeon who immediately put his personal phone number into my cell phone upon my arrival so that I could text or call him at any time. Dr Pavan stopped at the hotel nearly every day to check on me. If he didn’t hear from me he would text or call to see how I was doing. My health and well being was of utmost importance to me. He was kind and gentle every time I had a question about anything, even little things that he knew were normal. He would respond, “We will come to check, you are not alone, we are here with you.”

The genuine care and compassion of this entire team made it very easy to forge deep friendships that will live on and certainly produced tearful goodbyes. I continue to stay in touch with many.

My debt of gratitude to this amazing Surgeon will only grow as the future unfolds and credit him with the ability he has given me to enjoy more of life than I ever thought possible.

In your search for a Surgeon, you will find many skilled and many low-cost……. But you will never find another Dr. Pavan Murdeshwar!


Good experience Dr. with latest technology for health development specially with elder people.

Appreciate your support Dr. Pavan


Calm and confident. He is experience and confidence and modern technique is great. Instruction given were good and helpful. Every doctor should be like him. Full of confidence.


Dr pavan is friendly and have excellent communication. He given treatment and recovered in 1 week after his consultant. He always be keep in touch with patients


Very friendly and detailed. The doctor was very Thorough with my problems. I didnt have to wait at all. I was promptly examined. I had a very satisfactory recovery with brilliant results. My scar is already resolving and healing well. Thanks to Dr. Pavana


Took my father for foot examination.. Dr Pavan examined in detail and explained to us the need for some tests as my father had been suffering from diabetes for more than 10yrs.. The neuropathy analyzer and foot pressure scanning was done by the doctor.. Dr Pavan explained to us how to regularly take care of feet the kind of footwear to use and about the danger signs..


I saw this doctor for the skin issue I had for which many dermatologists had prescribed only topical ointments which were no help. He is an outstanding doctor accommodating,kind, has personalized service and takes the time to explain the issue. He was able to make the right diagnosis and am completely satisfied with the treatment and advice I have received from him. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone.


The overall experience with the Dr. and clinic staff members were awesome.
Cleanliness and hygiene maintenance have been taken care nicely.
Dr. is very friendly and explains about the problems nicely, he didn't rush and gave proper timing to me.
I would certainly recommend Dr. Pavan.


Very ethical practitioner with excellent skills. Hospital set up is well maintained. Cooperative and friendly nursing staff. Would highly recommend this doctor. Thank you doctor.


Dr. Pavan's treatment and guidance toward precaution to be taken for diabetes was very helpful. Dr. Pavan was very generous to explain all my questions about diabetes. Thanks to Dr. Pavan

Chakor borkar

Quite honest approach and accommodative of waiting little extra than Clinic time. humble behaviour

Sangeetha Khurana

My wife had taken treatment from Dr. Pawan for a facial injury she got when she fell down. It was a deep cut and we were concerned about the scar it would leave behind. She required fine stitches and now a month and a half later the wound has healed well with hardly any visible mark. We were pleased with the results and would recommend him for such treatment.

Srinivas H S

Veey courteous and he explains everything, what is the problem and why he is doing a particular surgery, or why he is using particular medicine and he recommended products which are low prices .After meeting him and getting treatment from him, I firmly believe, still good doctors are there whose intention is to serve and treat patients in best way with very very cosy effective manner and talking politely keeping ego and arrogance aside. Thanks Dr Pawam, wish you good luck!


I had bad acne scars on my face and every dermatologist/cosmetologist I had met was just extracting money and providing wrong products which did more damage than good. Dr. Pavan's explanation and prescription has been simple and great. I definitely recommend people looking for scar treatment to visit Dr. Pavan for a genuine , comforting and straight-forward advice and treatment.

Priya verma

Doctor is very friendly and understands problem well
Undergone ingrown nail surgery and he removed it very well without much pain
Undergone skin tag removal and he removed it without much pain

Chaitra Jayanth

Had visited Dr Pavan Murdeshwar, in his healios clinic last week for sake of my cousin who had to undergo cyst excision. Dr Pavan was very kind to explain us in detail regarding the procedure and assured us to not worry much regarding cyst. He operated and sutured it with precision within 5-10 min. Was amazed by his calm and kind behavior and was impressed by his surgical precision. Would definitely recommend to my relatives and friends.

Hemanth kumar.g

Excellent clinic with best doctors, Dr Pavan was extremely patient with my questions and I got excellent treatment and outcome. I recommend this place and the Dr for all skin and weight reduction needs..Thank you Dr Pavan for your support and patience..

Geetha P

I undergone lipoma removal surgery. He s best surgeon I found in bangalore..
am very greatful to sir.
Thanks to Dr Pavan Murudeshwar.

Anil Kumar

My experience was great,I am blessed to have a doctor like Dr.Pavan his a best doctor,he really makes a great effort to understand his patient properly,listens carefully and gives the best treatment and advice as need...I had my hernia operation and tummy tuck done by him and I am very happy with the result.

Kiran Rai Sahani

One of the best doctor, very professional and spot on with diagnosis. Glad we met him. My dad with multiple complications was diagnosed correctly and treated to the perfection. Anytime reachable and responds to situations which makes Dr Pavan very different. Thank you so much.

Manjunath Shet

I met doctor for keloid treatment...The scar was itching and it was over it is after 4months almost flatland no itching...thanx a very happy

Shruthi Ganiga

Best conversation with the Doctor i have ever had. Understood the problem and gave all the best options to me. Planning to go all the way to Banglore soon to have the consultation and procedure.

Kavita Deshmukh

Very satisfied with my surgery, doctors were very friendly, very attentive with me. Despite being a foreigner, they made me feel homely. They provide a good post surgery service as well


I first visited Dr Pawan around June 2018 at his Jayanagar Clinic. I had a serious injury at the bottom of both my feet due to a treadmill accident. I was severely diabetic and had a family history of amputation too, so I was terrified and scared to even see a doctor, because I don't like their attitude.
Firstly Dr Pawan put me at ease with his kind and reassuring demeanor. With my nerves calmed, he then proceeded to patiently explain to me why my would was not healing, what was needed to start the healing and what was the treatment option. With my consent he did a debridement procedure under local anesthesia. My foot was on the road to recovery within 10 days after the procedure. I am writing this review a bit late, to thank Dr Pawan for saving my foot.
Dr Pawan is a kind person, well qualified, knowledgeable and experienced. He will instantly put you at ease and instill confidence in you. He has now over this year become our family doctor, having treated my husband for warts, skin tags and a cyst, my daughter for her ingrown toe nail which was extremely painful, so painful that she was refusing to let anyone touch it. It was only the kindness, patience and counselling of Dr Pawan that convinced her, where he assured her that he would not touch it without her consent. He told her that he would even talk to us to not force her to get it treated, which worked! She now consults him for her skin issues too.
Dr Pawan is a good human being first, then an excellent doctor. He will give you his entire attention and never make you feel that he is in a hurry or has not time for you, even when patients are waiting outside. He has opened a new clinic branch in Indiranagar.

I want to thank him for restoring my faith in doctors and wish him all the best and God bless him.

Usha Vinod

I'm so glad to have found Dr Pavan. He is understanding, genuine and the best in his field.

Anusha Palasia

Good for foot care and has many products that are required for foot related issues

Rajeev Pullagura

Dedicated team of professionals in the choosen field with warm relationship.

Balakrishna Gr

Dear sir i am very much happy abt u r services i came to know that Dr pavan is very genuine n fabulous doctor n best in his field n kind n caring his patients well so i have hard many more good things abt healios...i vl send my problem through WhatsApp..thank u..

Shanthala KR

I am thankful to Dr. Pavan for making me the same all over again!

Swagata Basu

He is friendly nature I really appreciate him. I would like to refer our friends family people etc..


I am blessed to get Dr.Pavan as my doctor...he has solved my problem like magic... you can share your problems openly.1000% is suggested this doctor.


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