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Hair removal, birthmark erasing, scar modification, mole removal, skin rejuvenation to name a few.

Injectable fillers

Facial contouring, under eye rejuvenation, lip augmentation are the most common procedures performed.

Botox treatment

Apart from wrinkle treatment, botox is also used for reducing sweaty hands, masseter hypertrophy, and eye spasms.


Achieve a more rejuvenated and scarless skin by undergoing only a few sessions of these.


The best alternative for the surgical facelift or necklift.

Acne treatment

The early age symptoms of acute pimple eruptions, their treatment, prevention, and precaution from scar occurrence.

Chemical peels

Reduce your facial complexion by 2 -3 shades and get a glow that makes your presence felt.

Carboxy Treatment

The most stubborn stretch marks being treated with simple sessions to enhance collagen synthesis.

PRP injections

Given in scalp it increases hair growth, while in the face it rejuvenates the skin and gives a glowing outlook.

Simple alternative for a more invasive liposuction, at a smaller and restricted area.

Lipodissolve (kybella)

Non surgical rhinoplasty

Get that minor touch ups done for the nose to enhance overall facial outlook and the inner confidence.

Bridal peel

A simple peel for giving a short time glow and spotless appearance, meant for the special day.

Get the entire face a youthful and refined look with a glow that increases with every session.

Vampire facelift

A combination of procedures ranging from micro needling to lasers, peels to PRP, customised according to the skin type and condition.

Facial rejuvenation

Get the complete body a lighter shade and maintain it as long as needed, without much hustle.

Full body whitening

Achieve a long-lasting, smooth, hairless surface without any side effects, with the help of best lasers.

Laser hair removal

Get the best biotin and growth factor supplements directly to the roots along with the serum and nourishments for reviving the hair.

Hairfall treatment

Skin ailments

Treatment of any superficial skin diseases bothering or harming the day to day activities.

Hand or toe nails, the aesthetic requirement of these hold a special place on its own. Any deviation from normal outlook can be corrected.

Nail disorders

Keloid treatment

Complete remission and non-recurrence is the main motive in this multimodality based treatment.

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