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Other plastic surgery procedures

Sexual reassignment surgeries

Be it a top or bottom, MTF or FTM, the complete workup from a scratch to the end is assured.

Multiple lipoma surgery

Visible, bothersome Lipomas being treated in numbers from one to 150 or more. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Scar revision

Multi-modality approach to scar treatment includes the most precisive scar revision which guarantees a major difference.

Mole removal

A beauty-mark can be troublesome if at a bad site, size or shape. Complete removal without a trace is a rule.

Hand disorders

Pediatric hand issues or a traumatic hand sequela, the best options and treatment is guaranteed.

Orthognathic surgeries

Get your upper jaw back or the lower chin ahead with no scars visible.

Cyts excision

Scarless cyst removal is done. Be it fibroadenoma from breasts or a sebaceous cyst from the back.

Tattoo removal

Some tattoo might be awkward after a phase of life. Removal without a trace is a must during those times.

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