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One of the finest aesthetic treatment


Face Procedures

Facial aesthetics are meant to keep up your confidence while you are at your daily work. Improving the facial contours by simple modifications like lip shaping, nasal tip definition or jawline enhancement brings out your personality, better. Dr. Pavan Murdeshwar, after explaining the best options available for the correction, will offer you the easiest solution.

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Breast Procedures

Breasts have found this individual space in the list, not only because of the social expectations and discriminations but also due to the various problems faced by the individual during her entire lifetime. Dr. Pavan Murdeshwar believes in knowing the client’s requirement, her physical/mental stress and hence giving her the best solution. No wonder he has got so many positive feedbacks due to the best results in this field.

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Body Procedures

Body contouring help you to get the body type you deserve. It is especially for those areas which wont budge to the long term exercises or dieting plans. Be it the best gynecomastia correction or the most flat tummy tuck, Dr. Pavan Murdeshwar is the surgeon you should be looking forward to.