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Breast Procedure

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Breast Implant

Get a pleasing breast profile to suit your chest structure. Boost your confidence and make your robes look better.

Breast Fat Fill

Transfer your own body fat from the unwanted regions to the breasts to increase cup size.

Breast auto augmentation


Breast lift

Get a more rejuvenated look and tight, perky breasts. May require volume augmentation.

Breast Liposuction

Shrink the size of the breasts by couple of cups, to suit your personality more better.

Breast Reduction

Outshapen and unduly enlarged breasts can be brought to a size more proportionate to the body.

Inverted Nipple

Bring out the buried nipple to have a normal aesthetic looking everted nipple prominence.

Nipple reduction

Decreasing the size of a static enlarged elevated nipple to a more suitable proportion.

Areola Reduction

An enlarged pigmentation on the breasts can be decreased to a better aesthetic size and shape.

Axillary Tail Excision

Achieve the smooth shape from axilla to breast curvature by deleting the excess tissue collection in between.

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