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Hair transplant

No longer hiding of receding
frontline or the shining scalp on top.


Loose the lower eyelid puffiness
or upper eyelid laxity,
get the younger looking eyes.

Double Eyelid Creation

Known as east Asian blepharoplasty, get an extra crease created on upper eyelid.

Under Eye Fat Fill

Get rid of the dull, sunken, hollow look of the eyes as well as the early aging signs.


For a well-defined nose appropriate to your face structure and your personality.

Face Liposuction

A narrower jawline, temple, and the entire facial outlook.

Face lift

Complete removal of facial wrinkles and sagging skin. Look at least a decade younger.

Brow Lift

Lift the low lying brows and get it reshaped to a more aesthetic look

Forehead Lift

To give you a subtle look by erasing the broad horizontal lines on the upper face.


The loose ‘turkey neck’ deformity can be corrected, by just a skin lift or with platysmaplasty.

Fat Fill Face

The aging effects of loosening the fat from the entire face can be reversed by fat grafting to those specific areas.

Anti-Aging Nano Fat Fill

Prevent the skin from aging before the commencement, by treating those thin lines.

Lip Correction

Lip reduction in cases of gross enlargement, lip augmentation by fat/ implants or just the lip shaping.

Buccal Fat Removal

Achieve the hollow cheek appearance of a model by removing the excess chubby fat.

Malar Augmentation

Give your face a well defined malar prominence and increase your self-confidence.

Dimple Creation

An aesthetic beauty mark of the face can be created on your own terms to increase the impact of your smile.


Tuck the ears to the sides and make them look more beautiful in aesthetic proportions.

Earlobe Repair

One of the aesthetic landmark of a girls face, needs correction in case of enlarged hole of piercing.

Chin Augmentation

Flaunt your chin ahead to depict a more confident and refined personality.

Double Chin Correction

Remove the extra chin from your face profile and get a smooth curve to the neck.

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